The Wrens Nest is thrilled to offer the complete 85 hour GLOW Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training offered through the GLOW Prenatal Yoga School beginning this August!


GLOW Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

with Amy Hopkins, RN, LMT, E-RYT and Nickie Bolger, RYT-200, RPYT


A unique and interactive training designed to educate, challenge, and inspire - mind, body, and maternal-spirit!

This 85-hour training is designed for yoga teachers or teachers-in-training who wish to teach prenatal yoga classes AND for teachers who wish to have greater confidence teaching to pregnant students in general yoga classes. In addition, it will provide valuable continuing education for pregnant women to enhance their practice and pregnancy and birthing professionals who wish to complement their career with yoga.

Upon completion of this training, students will receive a certificate from GLOW Prenatal Yoga School for the 85 hours of training.

Upon completion, participants can receive "Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher" (RPYT) status through the Yoga Alliance.

Topics include:

  • -Research on benefits and contraindications of prenatal exercise
  • -Anatomical, Physiological, and Psychological changes in pregnancy
  • -Dispelling of myths and decreasing fear around working with pregnant population
  • -Safe and therapeutic asanas, and sequencing
  • -Yoga as Childbirth Education
  • -Appropriate pranayama (breath) practices
  • -Therapeutic hands-on adjustments/enhancements (massage therapy perspective)
  • -Ethics and Teaching: e.g. conflicting birthing values among students/ handling high-risk conditions/etc.
  • -Advising students on when and how to vary their yoga practice
  • -Teaching of, observation of, and participation in a mock-prenatal yoga class
  • -Self-assessment of your own teaching

Your Teachers


Amy Hopkins is an advocate for wellness – plain and simple. Since earning her nursing degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1997 and her massage certification from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2001, she has spent years creating a body of professional wellness work.

During her early years working in Maternal/Child nursing in various hospital settings, Amy’s interest in holistic medicine was reinforced as she saw first-hand the need for it in her patients and in herself. In 1998, an adventurous move to Colorado stimulated her passion for all-things-healthy, mind, body, and spirit. It was here that Amy realized that wellness would be her life’s work.

In 2009, Amy opened GLOW, LLC – an innovative studio that is the culmination of Amy’s unique blend of expertise, commitment to wellness and desire to develop and share this holistic perspective with her community and beyond. Amy loves being “the face of GLOW” and promoting wellness through her teaching of massage and yoga, collaborating with her colleagues to create the best wellness plan for GLOW clients and students, building lasting professional relationships within her community, and with travel near and dear to her heart, Amy especially thrives on taking her professional trainings “on the road.”



Nickie Bolger has been teaching prenatal yoga and mom & baby yoga at GLOW since 2012. In addition to teaching many vinyasa style yoga classes over the years, Nickie trained with Amy Hopkins, founder and owner of GLOW Wellness Studio and GLOW Prenatal Yoga School. Her passion for holding space for the pregnant and postpartum woman is demonstrated in her nurturing, insightful, and joyful prenatal yoga classes. Her own experience as a mother has sparked even more of an understanding and need for this form of wellness. Nickie's classes are created specifically for the pregnant mind & body with an emphasis on breath, listening to one's changing body, exploring challenge, and finding stillness and rest.



Level 1:

Thursday, Aug 2, 12-4

Friday, Aug 3, 12-4

Saturday, Aug 4, 10-5

Sunday, Aug 5, 10-3


Thursday, Sept 6, 11-4

Friday, Sept 7, 11-4

Saturday, Sept 8, 10-5

Sunday Sept 9, 10-3

Level 2

Thursday Oct 4, 11-4

Friday Oct 5, 11-4

Saturday Oct 6, 10-5

Sunday Oct 7, 10-3


Thursday Nov 1, 11-4

Friday Nov 2, 12-4

Saturday Nov 3, 10-5

Sunday Nov 4, 10-3



Option 1:

Individual Weekend Module: $325


Option 2:

Level 1 (consists of the first two weekends only): $575

Level 2 (consists of the last two weekends - level 1 is a pre-requisite): $575


Option 3:

Full 85 hour training: $1000 ($200 to secure your spot; payment plans available).

Warrior Women

The power of Women has been on my mind. A LOT.  The strength of our bodies. Our minds. The strength to change outcomes. To change elections.  I think this is why I am drawn to pregnancy, birth, and mothering.  I am drawn to it not because its soft, but because it’s bad ass and powerful.  I am drawn to it because it isn’t a power that has been given to us, but one that comes from our hearts.  

Our power is love. FIERCE LOVE.


When I sit down to plan a prenatal class I like to think about the why.  Why this pose? Why this sequence?  Why is this good or challenging or important for my students? One thing I always include is Virabhadrasana I, II, and III. The Warrior poses are wonderful during pregnancy.  They lengthen and strengthen the base and work to connect the mother to a sense of physical power in her hips and thighs that is so integral during birth.  When paired with the breath, these poses work to unite the mind and body.

These poses ask us to do more than just create a strong, stable foundation.  They ask us to extend our arms outward.  They ask us to open our hearts. More times then I can count, I have found myself standing in Warrior II, strong through my legs, arms extended long and been overcome by an immense feeling of love, and power, and protectiveness over all that I hold close.  By embracing the opening created and consciously invoking love during these poses we move beyond the shape.  


We become warriors of love. We become Mothers.

It is my hope that women will continue to step into this role and embrace the power that comes from this level of openness.  I wholeheartedly believe this is where real change will stem from. From women. From a FIERCE LOVE.