Welcome! My name is Jackie. I am beyond excited to be able to introduce you to The Wren’s Nest, our blog and (hopefully!) so many other useful things as we get to know one another along this journey.

Like most of us, I wear a lot of hats. I am a wife and partner. A mother. A voracious reader. An explorer. An aspiring chef. A lover of life and all its diversity. A yogi. An advocate.

Not an advocate in a “march down the street and stand on the steps of the state house” kind of way (although, I’ve been known to do that, too). Rather, I strongly believe in the value of education, the process of informed consent surrounding your health - especially birth, and the right of ALL of us to have access to that knowledge. I want to sit down and talk with you.  Understand what your wishes and needs are surrounding your birth and the perinatal period.  You are already so wise, but I know you have LOTS of questions. Fears. Concerns. Insecurities. It’s my goal to help you explore those, find out what’s behind them and then provide you with information and resources, so that you can make decisions surrounding your care for yourself.

Beyond being informed on an intellectual level, I also strongly believe in the need to connect to our physical and spiritual bodies.  This was, and is, actually the hardest piece of the puzzle for me to have in place in my own life.  I love to read and research and surround myself with information.  So no problem there.  However, the application of these ideals that I so strongly believe in for others - being in control of your own body, and feeling entitled to make choices surrounding your care, was a struggle in my own life. Through the practice of yoga I have been able to connect the mental and the physical parts of myself. In turn, I have begun to be able to explore the spiritual. Yoga has helped me to feel whole.  I want to share this with you.  

We selflessly take care of so many people throughout our lives — why not ourselves?

So, it’s in this spirit that I write this blog. We will talk about the practice of yoga, explore relevant topics concerning health and birth, share some recipes, and be graced with the words of some talented guest bloggers. I’ll leave it here for you to take what you need, leave what you don’t, and hopefully share what you find valuable.  

Let’s find a way to tap into our innate power and wisdom together.

Wishing you love and beauty,

Meghan Lambert

Meghan Lambert is an identity and web designer living and working in Southern Maine.