BIRTH STORIES: A Tale of Two Births

Our first installment in our BIRTH STORIES series is actually one mothers story of her TWO very different births.  Brothers born 2 years apart. 

Meet Christie...

My name is Christie Lagasse, I have been born and raised in the South Portland/Portland, ME area. I grew up all star cheer leading and traveling all over for competitions. I am a registered nurse, working in pediatrics currently. I love spending time with my kids and husband, getting outside as much as possible, reading, and quilting! 

Christie writes...

Harrison's Story

            My first son was born in 2015. I was due on December 28th and expecting to go late as everyone warned me that first timers tend to hold out longer. On December 13th around 6am, I rolled over in bed, heard a small pop and immediately felt like I was peeing myself. I jumped out of bed and tried to wake my husband. He is a deep sleeper, so I ended up having to yell at him to arouse him from sleep. I couldn’t stop the flow and waddled my way to the bathroom. When I went to clean up I noticed some pink tinge to the fluid. I realized that my water had broken and with me being GBS positive it would be time to head to the hospital. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was having some cramps at this time but nothing I would have considered contractions.

                We got to Mercy Hospital and they got me changed, IV started, monitors hooked up, and checked on. I was 1cm and having some contractions though nothing regular. I walked around for a bit and the contractions picked up. By noon, there hadn’t been much change and so Pitocin was started. That got me feeling the contractions! I walked around, showered, bounced on an exercise ball. Anything and everything to get things going. At 9pm they checked me and I was only 3cm dilated.

                Around 10pm I decided that an epidural would be the best way to go as I was already getting exhausted. Being a Sunday night, they had to call the on call. It took a hour for him to get there. Finally got the epidural but knew something was wrong. I was not feeling much relief if any at all. I kept pressing the button and nothing. Finally my nurse agreed and called back the anesthesiologist. He came back and offered to try a different pain reliever or redoing the epidural. I felt that the best option would be to just redo it. I’m glad I did because the needle wasn’t in the right place and that’s why I wasn’t feeling any relief. The new one was placed and I felt instant relief.

                It was midnight and I decided to rest as much as I could. My husband and I fell asleep until 6am. When I woke I felt excited. I knew that soon, we would have this baby in our arms! Around 9am the doctor came and checked on me. I was 10cm and she asked if I had an urge to push. I truly didn’t and so she recommended letting the baby actively descend for the next two hours and if still no urge then that I would have to start pushing. Two hours came and went without much fanfare.

                At 11am I started practice pushing. Even with the epidural I was able to feel and move my legs. I was on hands and knees, then the birthing stool, then back on hands and knees. I didn’t feel like much progress was being made. Finally I ended up on my back and the doctor was checking where we stood. She found that the baby was stuck behind my pelvis. She gave me the option of a vacuum assist knowing that I very possibly would need a c-section. I opted to try the vacuum. After quite a few hard pushes and some pulling from her, the little munchkin was able to get past my pelvis. After that it was a few difficult pushes before I heard the doctor instructing me to reach down and grab my baby.

Birth (9).JPG

                I was able to get ahold of my baby and with her assistance place them on my chest. It was so amazing and perfect. At 3:32pm on December 14th, our baby was finally in this world. We had chosen to not find out the gender during the pregnancy, and when my husband announced it was a boy, I started crying. Harrison Daniel was 8lbs 4oz and 19.5” long. The 33 hours of labor and 4.5 hours of pushing was finally over. He had a large bruise on the side of his head, which indicated that he was trying to come out head sideways which is why he got stuck. Once he got past my pelvis he turned face up. I remember after delivering the doctor saying that the next one would probably come way easier. Boy was she right!

Lincoln's Story

I was due June 4th, 2017 with another little boy. I had been hearing that I looked ready to pop starting early March. I would always laugh it off, but everyone around me said that they couldn’t imagine me making it until June. On April 19th around midnight I woke feeling “off”. I felt nauseous, crampy, and though I might be leaking fluid. I had been diagnosed with polyhydramnios (too much fluid around baby) the week before. I figured it would be okay to just call the doctor in the morning. I tried to go back to bed, but couldn’t fall asleep. By the time I started to drift off I felt the need to pee again. I went to the bathroom and noticed bright red blood. At that point I called my doctor and was advised to head to Maine Med, as I was only 33 weeks and 3 days.

I got to Maine Med around 2:30am, was checked and determined not to be leaking fluid, but I was 5cm and contracting very regularly. They started nifedipine to stop labor and given my first steroid shot to help mature the lungs of my little baby. I felt the contractions slow and figured that we would be all set and that I would be stuck on bed rest for a little bit. At noon when it was time for my next dose of medication, I was checked again. I was up to 6cm dilated. By 1pm, I was up to 7cm. I quickly realized that this baby was coming today.


I got some Nubain to help with the pain and allow me to rest for a little bit. By 5pm, I asked for an epidural. The doctor came and checked on me. I was 9cm and was told that if they broke my water I would probably start pushing pretty quickly. Knowing that I was early and baby was going to be on the smaller side, I decided to not get the epidural. I was finally wheeled into a labor and delivery room, and my water was broken at 5:15. I pushed 3 times and out came my son Lincoln, face up. He was immediately taken by the NICU team and evaluated. I was able to see him for a quick second but he was then brought up to the NICU. It was the hardest 3 hours of my life, waiting to see him again. I was able to finally see him quickly around 8:30, but had to be brought to my room. Once settled and assessed by the nurse, my husband and I were able to head back to the NICU. I finally got to hold my son at 10:30pm. Lincoln Joseph was born at 5:30pm, 5lbs 15oz and 19” long. We spent 4 days in the NICU and 9 long days in the continuing care nursery. I am beyond thankful for all the wonderful nurses and doctors that cared for my son and I while there!